Easy Solar Kit

TSUN Easy Solar Kit for balcony is a push-out PV system product designed for residential balconies that integrates solar panel, microinverter and bracket. It can be installed and used simply and quickly to produce clean energy for houses.TSUN Easy Solar Kit(balcony) has designed a variety of mounting brackets for different balcony types to meet the needs of different customers.

TSUN Easy Solar Kit can be placed in your balcony

Standard Configuration

Micro Inverter

Separate MPPT, individual optimization, max.efficiency
up to 96.7%

Plug & Play installation, expandable and flexible, real-time data accessible

Integrated LoM protection function, ensure the safety of power grid


PV Panel

Top brand, class A level panel, perfectly matching
TSUN micro inverter with maximum power output.


The bracket can be stretched out of an angle to get more power generation.

In strong winds or extreme weather, it can be constricted.

AC End Cable

2.1 meters

It is used to connect the last kit to the grid, from the micro inverter of the last kit (or M3 safety box of the kit) to the grid distirbution box or outlet

Optional Accessories

VDE Standard AC Socket

Electrical conductor design inside the AC socket for safety protection.

Socket Power Meter

Easily measure the power consumption and cost of your appliances.

Simply plug the meter into the wall and insert the microinverter plug into the meter.

With this Power Meter Monitor, you can determine the cost of the device, whether the device is powered on, and when the device is charging.

AC Interconnection Cable

2m. Used for connection between every two Easy Solar Kits,
to form a continuous AC branch circuit.

Used for connection between every two Easy Solar Kits, to form a continuous AC branch circuit.

It can be used as an extension line, adapted to the needs of different lengths environment.

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