Easy Solar Kit

TSUN Easy Solar Kit is a portable micro power generation system,Easy Solar Kit Universal is the lightest and most flexible of the ESK family.

PV modules can be purchased locally and our bracket is compatible with most solar panels under 450W.

No limitation of installation locations, can be applied in different scenarios such as garden, flat roof, balcony, railings, walls, etc.

Whole kit only 12kg, easy to deliver even by express delivery.





Standard Configuration


Used for fixed PV modules and microinverter.

The size of the bracket can be adjusted according to the module specifications.

The inclination angle of the bracket can be adjusted according to the installation area.


Separate MPPT, individual optimization, max.efficiency
up to 96.7%

Plug & Play installation, expandable and flexible, real-time data accessible

Integrated LoM protection function, ensure the safety of power grid


Install Accessories

Used for bracket installation in railing and other scenarios

Optional Configuration

PV Module

Suitable for mainstream mudules

Socket Power Meter

Easily measure the power consumption and cost of your appliances.

Simply plug the meter into the wall and insert the microinverter plug into the meter.

With this Power Meter Monitor, you can determine the cost of the device, whether the device is powered on, and when the device is charging.

Safety Box

Safety box is designed to match solar systems with microinverters, providing leakage protector, circuit breaker and smart power meter for each unit, simple structure, easy installation.