TSOL-RSD-MG1 series Rapid Shutdown Control Unit is a fast shut-off device developed according to NEC2017 690.12 regulations. Through one-button operation, eliminate the high voltage threat of photovoltaic system modules. In emergency situations such as fire, protect the personal safety of rescuers and avoid electric shock accidents.

House on fire!!!

Solar system is still working, high DC power on roof, if with water, firefighters are in danger, can’t put out fire whatsoever.

NO!!! House burned down.

House on fire!!!

Rapid shutdown control unit cut off solar power automatically or manually, no life risk put out fire using water, firefighter can work now.

Fire put out, house is safe now.

Automatic Shutdown

Automatically shutdown the DC power of panels when detecting temperature of the area is higher than 85℃.

Manual Shutdown

Firefighter or house owner can manually switch off the manual switch to shutdown the DC power of the panels if there is an emergency situation.

—— Technical Data ——

Rapid Shutdown Device

Rapid Shutdown Controller

* While two solar panels are connected, the open circuit voltage of each solar panel should be less than 40V.