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German morning TV program “Technik-Highlights des Frühlings” highlights TSUN Easy Solar Kit

Today, the German TV channel SAT1 morning news “Technik-Highlights des Frühlings” introduced TSUN—Easy Solar Kit in its program. This solar product which has been very popular in Germany combines solar panel, micro inverter, angle-adjustable bracket/base and all necessary accessories in one single pack. Differs from traditional solar installation, the Easy Solar Kit is all about DIY, plug and play, no extra installation cost , perfectly turns the solar system into a home appliance. As long as no major shading issue, the Easy Solar Kit can be put in gardens, flat roofs, terraces, etc. The hosts introduced the Easy Solar Kit with curious and praise, they are confident that the Easy Solar Kit will get even more attention in German market. For anyone in Germany wants to purchase this product, please click For more information, please check TSUN official website