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TSUN cooperates with McDonald’s for the ESK photovoltaic energy storage system integration project

On the second floor of McDonald’s in the commercial pedestrian street of Lucheng District, Wenzhou, China, the design of floor-to-ceiling glass windows exposed the entire dining area to direct sunlight for a long time, resulting in high indoor temperature and poor dining experience. To solve this problem, the restaurant has installed a row of 10 sun visors, which visually look like glass, are actually made from recycled plastic Coke bottles. As the sun's rotation angle changes, the sun visor will automatically rotate at 90 degrees or 180 degrees to give customers the best protection. Each sun visor has a power of 130W, a total of 1300W of maximum power, all of which are powered by new energy sources to control the rotation.

TSUN provided the McDonald's with an integrated photovoltaic energy storage solution through Easy Solar Kit, which is applied to the roof of the McDonald's restaurant. Install four ESKs on the roof, one MPPT controller under the eaves, one LFP 2460 lithium battery pack, and one inverter to realize photovoltaic charging, lithium battery storage and backup, and inverter high-quality AC power supply solution for the sun visor rotation system. The battery capacity is sufficient for at least one week of system power demand under extreme conditions.

Considering power supply safety and fault compatibility, the inverter is connected to AC power from the grid at the same time to form a UPS backup power work mode. This system forms a three-electric power supply system consisting of photovoltaic, lithium and grid power. Under normal conditions, the system is powered by the photovoltaic battery through the battery. When there is no photovoltaic power supply, it is powered by the battery pack. Under extreme failures, the photovoltaic energy storage system will automatically switch to the grid for power supply. The unattended automatic power supply switching system is practical, efficient, Zero-carbon and environmental protection. The MPPT controller and the off-power pack/inverter each have their own display screens or LED lights to display the working status of the system in real time; at the same time, the system is connected to the comprehensive control room on the first floor of the restaurant, which is convenient for operation and maintenance and control of the system status.

As an advocate and professional provider of green energy, TSUN’s cooperation with McDonald's is a brand-new development of TSUN product scenarios. Through the innovative configuration design, the usage scenarios will be expanded accordingly, which can provide users with multi-scenarios and multi-form photovoltaic energy storage solutions.