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Easy Solar Kit Spider from TSUNESS, a new consumer-ready solar product can be installed anywhere

TSUNESS introduces the Easy Solar Kit Spider, a new plug-and-play on-grid solar system. It is another consumer-ready solar generation product with quick and easy installation that economically meets the family's need for consistent power consumption.

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The Easy Solar Kit Spider may look familiar as it is an improved version of the company’s original product line Easy Solar Kit. Since its first appearance on the market in 2019, Easy Solar Kit has been well-received by distributors and terminal users. On the one hand, it is an efficient way to generate solar energy by yourself. Easy Solar Kit consists of solar panels that produce direct current, which is then switched into alternating current by a micro inverter which injects the energy produced directly into the grid. In this case, less electricity is drawn from the supplier, causing the numbers on your electricity meter to rise more slowly. Furthermore, The bracket structure, which is included in the kit, is designed to be angle-adjustable in order to achieve the most efficient power generation. Users can adjust the angle to obtain the best photovoltaic tilt angle based on local latitude and seasonal variations. Easy solar kit, on the other hand, is extremely simple to assemble. With a plug-and-play connection, users no longer need to hire professional solar installers to set up, which is both convenient and cost-effective.

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Easy Solar Kit Spider builds on the strengths of the ESK product while being far less constrained in its application scenarios. The Spider is specially designed for wall installation, but it can also be installed on flat ground, flat roofs, railings, balconies, gardens, and other surfaces. In addition, the frame and bracket, which are made of rust-resistant aluminum, make the product resistant to weather conditions, extending its service life. Meanwhile, users can freely upgrade the product based on the installation environment; for example, two Spiders can be combined to create a 600W-800W system. And the power could also be increased to tens of KW if several Spiders were installed on a wall that is big enough.

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TSUNESS is always committed to providing user-friendly solar products and creating safe, efficient, and cost-effective solar solutions. "For years, we have been dedicated to making solar simple and energy smart. " said Ellen Xue, Sales Director at TSUNESS, "We are excited to now offer a new product that allows consumers to use technology in their everyday lives without requiring installation by an expert technician." The Spider is definitely not the end of ESK series. The product will be continuously updated and optimized along with the changing market as well as users' actual needs, and TSUNESS will in this way to help more people benefit from clean energy.