Easy Solar Kit Spider
600W System(Can be upgraded to 800W)

TSUN Easy Solar Kit Spider 600W System, provides a special solution for some customers who specifically need 600W photovoltaic system. The solution is consist of 2 pcs Spider and a 2m interconnecting cable with AC connectors.


  • All black design, much superior.
  • Plug and play design, easy to install without additional manual assistance.
  • Specially designed for wall installation scenarios.
  • Use the rust-resistant aluminium frame and bracket, not afraid of the weather.
  • Adopts 380W-460W PV modules, get more energy and much economic.
  • Adjustable angle, direct sunlight to acquire more energy for users.
  • Support socket power meter to monitor flexibly.
  • Easy to transform into a bigger system, for example, 2*Spiders can be transformed into a German 600W system.

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