TSUN Secures Over RMB 150 Million in Series B Funding

Recently, TSUN has successfully raised over RMB 150 million in strategic Series B funding. With IDG Capital leading the current round, this marks the second round of funding for TSUN in 2023, followin...



The Guardian of Solar Power: TSUN Microinverters Tackle Autumn Maintenance Challenges

When solar panels are operating under normal conditions, the standard working temperature for the solar cells is 25°C. However, as the temperature rises above 25°C, the output power of the panels decr...



TSUN Celebrates Landmark Achievement: Gen3 Microinverters Pass Newest EMC Test

Frankfurt, 5th October— TSUN, a global leader in solar energy solutions, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking achievement in the solar sector. TSUN's Gen3 microinverters have successfully passed t...



Rising Demand for Balcony Solar Systems Grows Amid Simplified Regulations in Germany

Germany is currently experiencing a surge in the popularity of balcony solar power systems. These innovative solutions, composed of solar panels, microinverters, brackets, and cables, are significantl...



Next-Generation Power: TSUN Introduces the Gen3 Plus MS2000 Microinverter

As Intersolar South America kicks off, TSUN, the pioneer of the world's most complete range of microinverters from 300W to 3000W, proudly unveils its latest innovation: the Gen3 Plus MS2000 microinver...



TSUN Unveils Plug-In Solar Innovation: Easy Solar Kit Balcony Series

TSUN, a pioneer in photovoltaic household appliances, proudly announces the latest addition to its product lineup - the ESK Balcony series. Building upon the success of the Easy Solar Kit introduced i...