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TITAN Series Microinverters by TSUN Receive DAKKS Certification for Access to Polish Power Grid

Recently, TSUN successfully obtained the DAKKS Poland grid access certification issued by Bureau Veritas. Mr. Wu Bin, the New Energy Production Line Manager from Bureau Veritas, and Mr. Pei Chenyang, the product director from TSUN, attended the certificate award ceremony. This certification signifies that its TITAN series microinverters have obtained the grid access qualification of the Polish power grid and are able to bring safe and efficient photovoltaic energy to more European households in the future.


With the rapid development of the global photovoltaic market, Poland has imposed stricter demands on PV inverter products than the European grid-connected standards for power generation equipment. According to the requirements set by the Polish Transmission and Distribution Association PTPiREE, PV inverters must fulfill the certification criteria of NC-RfG and EU Bulletin EU2016/631, in addition to meeting the standards issued by PTPiREE. The Polish power grid recognizes only those PV inverters that are certified by an accredited institution, which can then be sold in the local market. This places higher requirements on the professional technology and service capabilities of third-party testing and certification organizations. Therefore, TSUN's acquisition of this certificate not only marks the technical leadership and reliable quality of its TITAN series products but also demonstrates Bureau Veritas' professional ability in the field of photovoltaic inverter testing and certification in Poland.

The TITAN series microinverter is the world's largest single-phase microinverter independently developed by TSUN. Taking the TSOL-MP3000 as an example, its maximum power reaches 3000W, the maximum input current is 18.5A, and it is perfectly compatible with mainstream 18mm and 210mm photovoltaic modules on the market. At the same time, the TSOL-MP3000 has 6 DC inputs, each connected to one photovoltaic module, and each module has independent MPPT control. This enables individual control, component-level shutdown, and operation and maintenance functions, ensuring safety performance while improving overall power generation efficiency.

The acquisition of the grid access certification is an important milestone in TSUN's “globalization” and “localization” strategies. In the future, TSUN will uphold the mission of "More Safety, More Power" and provide more innovative and reliable solar energy solutions for Polish and global customers, creating sustainable value and accelerating the global green energy transformation and upgrade.