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TSUN 3000W TITAN Microinverter Pose in Intersolar Brazil - Redefine Microinverter Application

On August 23, 2022, Inter Solar South America held a grant opening in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At this exhibition, TSUN with its new high-power TITAN Microinverter stunning appearance, coming to the front!


Single Phase, DC Input 18.5A, AC Output 3000W High-power Microinverter Catches the Most Attention!

At this exhibition, TSUN launched its high-power microinverter with single phase, DC input 18.5A and AC output 3000W which is specially designed for South American market, acquired great attention. TSUN TITAN Microinverter adopts a maximum of 6 MPPT design, the maximum short-circuit current up to 20A, and the maximum DC input current up to 18.5A, which is perfectly compatible with 182/210mm solar modules in market. Take the mainstream 550W solar module in Brazil as an example, if selecting MP3000, then the power is 550W*6=3300W, so the oversize of solar modules is 1.1.


According to know, before the Intersolar exhibition, TSUN TITAN Microinverter has successfully received the Brazil INMETRO Report, and running ahead of mainstream manufacturers with 97.2% high-efficiency.


Combined with the feedback from market, the design of TSUN TITAN Microinverter furthest considered the costs problem in applications, which creatively integrated WIFI module into microinverter. As a result, the monitor data can be transmitted by WIFI to save the costs for extra monitor module. Moreover, it supports one-button networking by the APP(Talent Monitoring).


Start with South American Market, Develop the Global Market Localization Service

As one of the richest regions in the world for sunlight, the Brazil solar market has been always prosperous. According to the statistics from the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Association (Absolar), Brazil ranked NO.4 among global countries in terms of new PV installations in 2021. As a star company in solar industry, TSUN continues to promote the global market layout and localization service work in key market since 2021. At present, localization service teams have been set up in Europe and South America, which aims at providing professional service and support to realize global layout.


As one of the top 5 professional microinverter manufacturer in the world, TSUN never stops exploring, constantly expands the market layout, overturns the existing thinking in the industry, breaks the industry dilemma with innovative products, and defines the product application!