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TSUN Successfully Launched the New Factory! Have an Overview of Titan High Quality Product Series

TSUNESS CO.,LTD (TSUN), a top brand from China with its German management background and quality assurance system providing the most efficient and safest solar solution to residential and commercial PV and energy storage installations, launched a new factory recently and were visited by the government leaders from Suzhou.

We had an interesting and productive discussions about opportunities of distributing TSUN products to Europe and the whole world, proving China’s strong ability. With high production efficiency, TSUN ensures the smooth delivery.

Both parties reach long-term cooperation, constantly communicate and develop together. The local government is convinced that TSUN will succeed to further release its production capacity, promote its worldwide distribution and products penetration.

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What's unique about TSUN product series?

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TSUN Micro Inverter

TSUN Microinverters are a plug-and-play power conversion device used in photovoltaic systems. Converting energy from DC to AC doesn’t have to create huge levels of waste, our microinverters have the maximum efficiency up to 97.6% so that you can optimize your use of solar, also adopt plug-and-play design, which is easy to install for users.

Providing a minimum of 12-year warranty, we aim to satisfy our customers with high quality after-sales service.

With outstanding module-level MPPT, TSUN make sure every panel is performing at its best, increasing your power yield and reducing the time it takes to recoup your costs.


Energy Storage

TSUN Energy Storage has efficient and flexible configuration of the all-in-one system, to satisfy users’ individual demands. Under the condition that the built-in output is guaranteed to be stable, the power capacity is continuously improved and the user’s electricity cost is saved.

This all-in-one system product is stable and safe for completing the match and debug between energy storage inverter, BMS and battery during R&D process with quality, reliability and efficiency.

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Easy Solar Kit

Integrated with microinverter, solar panel and cables, TSUN Easy Solar Kit is a portable micro power generation system for home users. With adjustable opening angle to maximize the electrical generating capacity, TSUN Easy Solar Kit series help users to utilize photovoltaic resources in more scenarios.

No requirement for professional installation, users can assemble the bracket simply and quickly according to the operation instructions.


As the world is shifting from fossil fuels to clean energy, we are excited to see the faster deployment of solar systems around the world and the global presence of our products. TSUN will keep providing the better service, maintain the high quality as we move together towards the goal of energy independence and a greener future.