Microinverter Monitor

Microinverter Monitor is a module to transmit data parameters of microinverter. It can be connected to the home router or public network, then send data parameters to a service center, so the data can be displayed on the monitoring platform. Meanwhile, it possesses an external interface to achieve remote control and anti-reflux function.

Applicable products:

  • M350/M400
  • M800/M800(DE)
  • M1600

Microinverter TSOL-M350/M400 System


  • Model Talent-MG2-WP Talent-MG2-GP
    Signal 2.4G RF
    Maximum Distance(Open Space) 200m
    Monitoring Data Limit 99 panels
  • Model Talent-MG2-WP Talent-MG2-GP
    Sample Rate Per 15 minutes
    Signal WIFI(802.11 b/g/n) GSM(850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • Model Talent-MG2-WP Talent-MG2-GP
    Type External adapter
    Input Voltage/Frequency 100 to 240V AC / 50 or 60Hz
    Output Voltage/Current 5V DC / 2A
    Power Consumption 2.5W(typical), 5W(maximum)
  • Model Talent-MG2-WP Talent-MG2-GP
    Ambient Temperature(°C) -20~+55
    Dimensions (W*H*D mm) 200*100*30
    Weight (kg) 0.2
    Mounting System Wall mounted
    Indicator Light LED

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