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The Evolution of TSUN Easy Solar Kit

In December 2021, TSUN launched the latest version of ESK series – Universal Kit. Universal was designed due to 3 years of marketing research of plug and play kit in the global market and changes of customer requirements. Under the intense discussion of the core staff of TSUN, Universal Kit is able to meet the needs of users for installation in different scenarios, and it fulfills the necessity to reduce transportation costs and at the same time satisfies the family's demand for stable power consumption.

Here, we interviewed our product manager, R&D director, sales director, to take a closer look at why ESK has gone through three iterations in just three years since its birth. With the revolution of solar market, what are the new features TSUN integrated with each series of TSUN ESK product line?

As the first generation of TSUN ESK series, which refers to the using concept of housing appliances, the goal of ESK Garden 1 (the first generation) was for end users to install solar power system in their garden easily and quickly. Based on this design concept, using self-developed micro inverter to ensure the safety and efficiency of the ESK, matching the mainstream PV modules, with patented stable pedestal and bracket structure, Tsun finally launched a plug and play portable solar power system. ESK 1st used plastic pedestal made from premium quality materials to guarantee outdoor long-term use. And the pedestal is inlaid structure to ensure the safety of components during transportation. To guarantee good wind resistance, the bracket structure adopts hollow-carved design to reduce the product weight as much as possible. What's more, the bracket structure is designed to be angle-adjustable, enabling users to obtain the most favorable photovoltaic tilt angle based on local latitude and seasonal variations to have the most efficient power generation.

The evolutionary idea of ESK Garden 2 came from PV module industry changes. As is known to all, PV module technology has been updated and iterated in recent years. Silicon wafers, the core of PV modules, its specifications have changed, leading to changes in PV module specifications, and PV modules with old specifications have been gradually withdrawn from the market. Therefore, ESK Garden 1 was largely limited by the size of PV modules because of its injection molded pedestal though the appearance was more beautiful. As a result, TSUN has changed the structure design and adopted a metal frame structure instead of the plastic pedestal, while retaining the advantages of ESK Garden 1, the ESK Garden 2 has greatly enhanced compatibility with PV panel specifications.

The evolution idea of ESK Garden 3 comes from the turbulence of global freight industry. Since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 has spread around the world and this biggest pandemic in human history has led to fluctuations in the global economy, which we believe everyone has felt deeply now. The impact of the freight industry is particularly profound, the sea freight, international express fees have been rising and remaining high, which impacts the delivery cost of ESK series. Therefore, based on the ESK Garden 2, TSUN further simplified the structural design. The ESK Garden 3 removes the pedestal structure, and integrated the bracket structure into the back of the solar module. This design successfully reduced half of the size of the ESK and makes ESK Garden 3 compatible with more sizes of panels. For the same container space, the freight volume increased by nearly 66%. This design scheme not only reduces the customer's purchase cost, but also can meet the different needs of panels.

However, at the beginning of the design of the 3rd generation, a different voice has appeared inside TSUN, "Since the 3rd generation ESK reduces the transportation cost, can there be one that could have the characteristics of several generations of ESK and greatly reduce the transportation cost?" Finally, after months of continuous incubation and upgrading, our ESK Universal was born smoothly. In this version, our ESK would be compatible with most regular panels under 450W, and end user can choose their favorite panel locally, it is not mandatory to ship panels in container with the Universal kit which further saves delivery cost. And this is just one of the biggest advantages, ESK Garden 3 is not only limited to installations in Garden or flat roof any more, other scenarios for example balcony, wall, handrailing is now all possible installation locations.

All in all, each design of Easy Solar Kit meets the changing market environment and the actual needs of customers. TSUN always focuses on providing user friendly solar product, designing safe, efficient, and economic solar solutions. TSUN is committed to make solar simple and make energy smart.