Press Releases

TSUNESS Awarded ' 2022 Innovation-Oriented Enterprise of Zhejiang Province'

Recently Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang released “the 2022 Zhejiang Innovation-Oriented Small and Middle Enterprises list”. With the professional level, innovation capacity and potential of development, TSUNESS is highly recognized by the government and has the honour to enter in the list. 

In the background of the rapidly growing solar market, TSUNESS is driving the world forward with an exciting portfolio of Energy Storage Units, Easy Solar Kits and Micro-inverters, as well as smart energy management solutions. The product series have been delivered and tested in environments over the globe.

With years of experience tackling the biggest challenges in solar industry, TSUNESS believes that a portfolio’s reliability and quality comes from highly standardized technology and supply chain. With the significant ability of innovation and optimum productive capacity, TSUNESS R&D and manufacturing team combine high level of expertise with advanced infrastructures, to produce flexible solutions at an assured quality and affordable price.



Safe, high efficiency and user friendly, TSUN offers solar solutions for residential installations. With more than 10 years solar inverter design and manufacturing experience, TSUN focuses in safe and high efficiency micro inverter technology development, and keeps iterating micro inverter power range with the the iteration of solar panel. To better providing flexibility for home solar energy system, TSUN now extend our solution into storage with higher level of safe and energy efficiency. TSUN will continuously providing safe and high efficient residential solar solutions for our global customers and end users.