On-grid PV System with Microinverter

TSUN Residential Solution

Low DC Voltage, Module-level MPPT,

Safe and Efficient!

Safe and Efficient PV System Solution with TSUN Microinverter.
Module-level MPPT to Track the Maximum Efficiency.
Low DC Voltage to Guarantee Safe.

More efficient

PV solar systems have always been affected by 'Shadow Effect' since they were put into use.

The output current of PV modules will be greatly affected when the modules were sheltered by shadow. In a PV array, the current change of a single PV module will affect the current of entire PV array, thus affecting the generating efficiency of the whole PV system.

As a representative technical route in MLPE, TSUN Microinverter has multi-channel MPPT, which can track and converts power for single PV module.

The single shadowed PV module will not affect the power generation of other PV modules, so as to maximum the energy generation efficiency and energy production.

What's more, multi-channel MPPT design makes microinverters more suitable for complex roof environments and meet more demanding installation requirements.

More Safe

As a solar energy conversion device, PV modules can output energy under sunlight and cannot be turned off, which makes the DC high voltage must exist in PV array under the condition of sunlight.

When the DC terminal contact is poor, it's easy to cause DC arc, resulting in PV system fire. Meanwhile, if the PV array wire is damaged, the electric shock risk might exist, threatening the safety of firefighters. However, TSUN Microinverter adopts multi-channel MPPT design, and each input voltage is low DC voltage.

Therefore, the PV system with TSUN microinverter has no risk of DC high voltage and DC arc.

And in emergency situations such as fire, the firefighters safety can be guaranteed with no risks of electric shock.

Much Easier to Install

PV system requires professional installers to install. But TSUN Microinverters adopt plug-and-play design, most connecting work can be finished on the roof.

Therefore, compared with other inverters, the installation of TSUN Microinverter is much easier and only needs simple training.

Much Easier to Monitor

Meanwhile, the monitoring system of TSUN Microinverter can collect the information of single PV module to tell the users the power situation of each PV module.

If the abnormal situation exists in PV system, the users can quickly locate the exception, analyze and rectify the problems, and then restore the system by using the monitoring system.

In a word, compared with other manufacturers, TSUN Microinverters possess excellent product performance, unique structural design, reliable product quality. To know more product details, please read the related website:
Micro Inverter

Recommended Product

Microinverter TSOL-MS1600

Works with up to 4 solar panels

Individual optimization, separate dedicated MPPT for each panel.

Max efficiency up to 96.7%.

Plug and play installation.

Max DC voltage 60V.