About TSUN

We make solar simple and energy smart.


With global climate change and energy shortage, especially for home owners, high efficient and safe energy is more and more demanded by everyone in the world. TSUNESS Co., Ltd (TSUN) from its establishment, is aiming to provide home owners clean and safe energy from solar, with more economic and easier approach.

TSUN is an innovative High-Tech enterprise, with its German management background and quality assurance system, focusing on the R&D and sales of photovoltaic micro-inverters and energy storage solutions, and is committed to becoming the world's top brand providing the most efficient, highest ROI and safest solar solution to residential and commercial solar Installations.

Mature and Capable Management Team

TSUN has a mature and capable team, the core members are composed of management, marketing and R&D personnel who are deeply involved in the solar energy storage industry with more than ten years of experience.

Its core technical team is all professionals in the field of photovoltaics and energy storage. It has condensed rich industry experience and formed a systematic R&D process and first-class technical level in the industry, which has been widely recognized by the market. The management team has a keen sense of the market, and realizes rapid response to customer needs through precise positioning of customer needs, innovative application of new technologies and rapid iteration of products.

Strong R&D Capabilities

TSUN attaches great importance to technology research and development, mainly adopts the independent research and development model, and continues to deepen the field of photovoltaic micro-inverters and energy storage complete sets of equipment through circuit topology optimization, control algorithm optimization, and power electronic device optimization, and gradually form a core technology with certain industry advanced nature.

TSUN currently has micro-inverter topology technology, soft switching technology, power module active parallel technology in the product line of micro-inverters, and has intelligent control technology, wireless temperature measurement technology, energy management technology etc. Through the above core technologies, TSUN has a certain degree of advancement in the power density, power range, and conversion efficiency of micro-inverters, and in the reliability, flexibility, and intelligence of energy storage complete sets of equipment.

Certified by international authorities, TSUN products are well recognized with outstanding product safety and reliability.

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Global Marketing Network

TSUN has a global marketing, channel sales and after-sales service system.TSUN always adhere to customer application needs as the center, deeply understand customer characteristics, and quickly respond to market demand. Relying on the team's more than 10 years of marketing experience in the photovoltaic industry, TSUN can deeply understand the marketization mechanism of the overseas energy industry.

The current distribution channels cover Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Poland, Brazil, Thailand, and the Philippines and other markets, while continuously landing localized marketing service centers. In 2022, a German branch and a Brazilian office have been established successively to continuously promote the global development of TSUN.


We offer tailored solar solutions


Empowering Progress
Passes latest EMC testing at VDE. Acquires 28.8 acres of land and initiates the construction of factory covering 45,000 square meters. Over 1.5 billion yuan in Series B financing with exclusive investment from IDG.


Strategic Advancements
Releases TITAN, Gen3, Gen3 Plus microinverter, achieving full coverage in the 300W-3000W power range. Series A financing with GLP as the lead investor.


Surpassing Milestones
Releases Gen2 Microinverter. Launches ESK Transformer and ESK Pop-up.


Pioneering Breakthrough
Releases Gen1 Microinverter. Brings the concept of high-power microinverter, addressing painpoints of safety, effiency and cost.


Initiating the Journey
Establishes TSUN. Introduce ESK system, beginning the "PV household electrification".


Embarking on Exploration
TSUN team enters the PV field, accumulating experience and resources.