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  • Abnormal power generation and malfunction of equipment
    A :
    1. Please ask the client to shoot a short video for one shot, including:,SN-ID of the device,The output section of the multimeter test is abnormal .After filling out the RMA for Hemai, we will replace it with Hemai. This device serves as an after-sales/testing machine.

    2. Replace our G3 equipment to facilitate the handling of subsequent after-sales issues
  • Equipment alarm, power grid overvoltage, protection
    A :
    1. Inquire with the customer about their permission and whether it is possible to change national safety regulations and equipment protection values. After the customer agrees.

    According to the code in the manual, make changes according to the manual operation method
  • Abnormal charging and discharging The device cannot operate in the set mode
    A :
    Update device DSP and collector firmware as of 24/1/20 (ARM should be updated with caution. If there are no overseas colleagues on site to assist, do not update. Failure to update may cause the equipment to malfunction.)

    Collector: Storage Logger_2.01.04
    Device DSP: Storage DSP_V1.05.13
    Device ARM: Storage-ARM_1.04.16