Storage System with AC Coupled Unit and Microinverter

TSUN Residential Solution

Safe and High Efficiency, Flexible and Multiple Use, Storage your Home Energy!

Adopt TSUN Microinverter to Ensure Safe.
Flexible and Multiple Use to Meet All Users' Need.
Improving Energy Efficiency in your Home.

Safe Roof Solution

As a solar energy conversion device, PV modules can output energy under sunlight and cannot be turned off, which makes the DC high voltage must exist in PV array under the condition of sunlight.

When the DC terminal contact is poor, it's easy to cause DC arc, resulting in PV system fire. Meanwhile, if the PV array wire is damaged, the electric shock risk might exist, threatening the safety of firefighters.

However, This solution adopts TSUN Microinverter that adopts multi-channel MPPT design, and each input voltage is low DC voltage. Therefore, the PV system with TSUN microinverter has no risk of DC high voltage and DC arc. And in emergency situations such as fire, the firefighters safety can be guaranteed with no risks of electric shock.

High Spontaneous Self-Consumption Rate

The electricity generated by on-grid PV system has instantaneity. When electricity cannot be consumed by the household load, it must be fed into the public grid.

Meanwhile, power generation by PV system replied on sunlight which means it only works during the day. When the few household loads can't consume the electricity generated, and the feed-in tariff is low in the local area, the electricity inputted into the grid will be wasted, reducing the overall system revenue.

However, AC Coupled Unit can store the AC electricity in battery and release it when users need, thereby improving the spontaneous self-consumption rate of home power generation system and getting the maximum benefit.

Flexible and Multiple Use

AC Coupled Unit provides multiple working modes to demand customers' use.

Auto Scheduling Mode: AC Coupled Unit can store the unused electricity during the day and release it at night.

Time-sharing Tariff Mode: AC Coupled Unit can store the electricity when the electricity price is low and release it during high electricity price.

Back up Mode: When the users' local power grid is unstable and exists power outage, this mode can store enough electricity for customers to use.

Retrofit Existing PV Systems (Without Microinverter)

If users didn't adopt TSUN Microinverter, AC Coupled Unit can also be used with PV systems from others.

The existing on-grid PV system can be retrofitted into energy storage system by using AC Coupled Unit which can store the unused electricity during the day and release it at night, improving the spontaneous self-consumption rate of home PV system.

Meanwhile, this solution can choose to install TSUN PV Array-level Rapid Shutdown which designed according to NEC2014 regulation. This product is easy to install and safe to use for cutting DC high voltage outside the PV array. In emergency situation such as fire, protect the safety of firefighters.

In a word, compared with other manufacturers, TSUN Microinverters and AC Coupled Unit possess excellent product performance, unique structural design, reliable product quality. To know more product details, please read the related website:
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