Plug-in PV System with Easy Solar Kit

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PV Home Appliances,
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Easy Solar Kit, your Home PV Appliances.
Flexible to Fit Various Area and Get More Electricity.
Plug and Play, Easy to Install.

PV Home Appliances

Traditional PV system requires wide roofs or floors to install PV modules, and uses inverter to transfer DC current into AC current.

All of the design and construction needs professional staff. Therefore, the process of installing a PV system for end users is quite complex.

Thus, why not turn PV system into household appliances like refrigerators and washing machines? Based on the concept of "home appliances", TSUN has launched a mini PV power generation system--Easy Solar Kit.

It only needs users to simply plug it into a socket to get electricity if get the product.

Flexible Installation

Based on the design concept of "household appliances", the capacity of Easy Solar Kit is not large and based on single PV module, so as to the installation area of Easy Solar Kit is not constrained.

TSUN Easy Solar Kit possesses a variety of structural design, which can be placed at the flat garden and balcony, can be hung on the railing, can also be hung on the users' wall.

Therefore, its location constraint is greatly reduced, and it can be applied to a variety of fragmented areas in users' homes, fully meeting users' installation needs.

Adjustable Angle

TSUN Easy Solar Kit is much flexible, which supports to manually adjust the PV module angle to get more energy.

According to different regions and countries, users can set a recommended angle or manually adjust the angle according to time changes in winter and summer.

Support Flexible Monitor

What's more, TSUN Easy Solar Kit supports to use local socket meter to read the current generation power, cumulative generation, grid and voltage frequency parameters, making it easy to monitor the generation status of Easy Solar Kit.

In a word, TSUN Easy Solar Kit possess unique structural design, reliable product quality. To know more product details, please read the related website: Easy Solar Kit

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