• TITAN 3000W Microinverter

    New topology design: Max. efficiency up to 97.2%.

    IP67 Design, Waterproof and Moistureproof.

    Low DC Voltage, Module-level MPPT, Safe and Efficient.

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  • TSUN Easy Solar Kit

    Plug and play design, install easily.

    Multi-scenario installation.

    Angle-adjustable design.

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  • TSUN Energy Storage Unit

    All-in-one system design, stable and reliable.

    Excellent High-quality battery, quality assurance.

    IEC/EN 62619 certificates, much safer.

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  • TSUN Rapid Shutdown

    Module-level Rapid Shutdown, satisfy NEC2017&2020 certificate.

    PV Array-level Rapid Shutdown, satisfy NEC2014 certificate.

    One-button operation, multiple shutdown ways.

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TSUN Product Series

With more than 10 years solar inverter design and manufacturing experience, TSUN focuses in safe and high efficiency Microinverter technology development, Energy Storage System design and Rapid Shutdown.

High-power Microinverter


The design of TSOL-MP3000 Microinverter continues the characteristics of the previous generation of TSUN microinverters. The new topology design to ensure maximum efficiency up to 97.1%. It also adopts to unique structural design, such as IP 67 design, metal die casting technology and extended DC cable design. All of these designs aim at improving the service life of TSUN microinverter. What’s more, the core of TSOL-MP3000 Microinverter is that the maximum efficiency is up to 3000 watts, which is compatible with 182/210mm PV modules. Meanwhile, the microinverter adopts plug-and-play design, which is easy to install for users.

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Easy Solar Kit Balcony Angled

TSUN Easy Solar Kit Balcony Angled, its high power generation capacity and optimal photovoltaic tilt angle offer a level of efficiency that is unmatched in the solar energy sector. TSUN ESK products seamlessly blend with your balcony, enhancing your space while harnessing the power of the sun.

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Safe, high efficiency and user friendly, TSUN offers solar solutions for residential installations. With more than 10 years solar inverter design and manufacturing experience, TSUN focuses in safe and high efficiency micro inverter technology development, and keeps iterating micor inverter power range with the the iteration of solar panel. To better providing flexiblity for home solar energy system, TSUN now extend our solution into storage with higher level of safe and energy efficiency. TSUN will continuously providing safe and high efficient residential solar solutions for our global customers and end users.


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