About TSUN

We make solar simple and energy smart.

Global Leader in Solar Solutions

With its German management background and quality assurance system, TSUN is the top brand providing the most efficient, highest ROI and safest solar solution to residential and commercial solar Installations.

TSUN monitoring system also allows excellent monitoring of each panel and the array as a whole. All of these benefit from TSUN microinverters can add up to increased energy production vs a traditional string inverter arrangement.In addition´╝îhigher safety with no DC high-voltage makes the TSUN microinverter system the best solar solution for residential and commercial applications.

Bringing value to customers

Reducing the cost while maximizing the system energy production

Leading Technology

TSUN has the most advanced photovoltaic and lithium battery energy storage technology and professional overall application solutions to intelligently provide green energy for customers.

Flexible Solutions

TSUN provides customized energy storage solutions for on-grid and hybrid applications at both residential and commercial levels, which helps customers to achieve energy independence and environmental responsibilities.

Safe & Reliable

Certified by international authorities, TSUN products are well recognized with outstanding product safety and reliability.

Global Energy Service Provider

TSUN is helping many countries and regions to advance the clean energy revolution, so clean energy can benefit everyone in the world to the greatest extent.


We offer tailored solar solutions


Develop new portable generation systems and rapid shutdown products, expand the micro solar product line


Relocation of new plant, establishment of national standard laboratory, expansion of production line


Established overseas branch, expanded business to dozens of countries around the world, added multiple energy storage product lines


Develop the Chinese market, independently develop energy storage inverters, and complete several international certifications


The German returnee team invested in the establishment of TSUN, Headquartered in Shanghai, China

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