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TSUN On-grid PV System with ESK, Enrich Installation Scene!


Recent years, the development of photovoltaic in Europe has always been the leading level in the world, and the new installations tend to be stable. After the war between Russia and Ukraine, in order to get rid of energy dependence on Russia, the European countries also accelerated the process of energy independence. Recently, the European Commission issued a proposal that the cumulative installations of photovoltaic power in the EU in 2025 should exceed 320GW, which is almost double the cumulative installations of 167GW at the end of 2021. And by 2030, the cumulative installed photovoltaic target is about 600GW, compared with the installation in 2025 is almost doubling the growth.

The continuous increasing of PV installations, on the one hand, can help the EU to get rid of its over-dependence on other energy sources. On the other hand, how to install PV in more complex scenarios has also become a difficult problem in the situation of limited rooftop resources.

TSUN Easy Solar Kit is a plug-and-play mini on-grid solar system with solar module, micro inverter, bracket and AC plug cables for residential users, which can converts DC generated by sunlight into AC electricity for home loads.

Rich Installation Scenarios, Maximize Photovoltaic Resources Use

When starting designing Easy Solar Kit system, TSUN teams fully researched the European PV market, considered the increasingly scarce rooftop resources and the increasing energy demand of households, so the Easy Solar Kit put the eyes on balcony, railings, gardens and etc., maximize to use multiple scenes to gain more photovoltaic resources.

At present, TSUN Easy Solar Kit system supports to install at flat ground, roof, balcony, railings and gardens. And the design considers different scenes demand, the angle can be adjustable to gain more energy.


Standard Micro Inverter, Low DC Voltage to Safe

As we all know, more than 50% of the world's PV systems use string inverter solutions. And if in this way, the PV array would exist hundreds of even thousands of DC high voltage. With the continuous operation of the photovoltaic system for many years, once the DC cable and connecting device appear broke, it will cause DC arc, generate a high temperature of several thousand degrees, then cause fire. At the same time, in the presence of sunlight, DC voltage is difficult to eliminate. When the fire caused, it’s difficult to put out it because it will threaten the safety of firefighters.

At the beginning of the design of Easy Solar Kit, it adopts micro inverter to connect just one solar module, so it can realize low DC voltage input, and eliminate the DC arc risk to guarantee the safety. Meanwhile, it can realize the power for module-level to get the maximum output power at any time. What’s more, compared with traditional string inverter that has 5-10 years warranty period, micro inverter is the same as solar module and provide more than 12 years standard warranty.

All-in-one Design, Save the Installation Cost

TSUN Easy Solar Kit has 2 different series: Transformer series and Pop-up series.

TSUN Easy Solar Kit Transformer series adopts separate design which including micro inverter, bracket, plug cables and etc. According to the operation instructions, the user can assemble the bracket simply and quickly, install the micro inverse and solar module, then plug into the household socket after fixing, to obtain clean energy. This type could be used in gardens, balcony, railings, walls and etc., flexible and easy.


TSUN Easy Solar Kit Popup series adopts all-in-one design which including standard 440-460W solar module, micro inverter, bracket and plug cables. When the user gets the product, only need to open the packing case, expand the bracket, plug into the household socket, then it can be used, simple and easy to operate. In addition, users can choose socket power meter to flexibly monitor the power generation.


At present, both the Transformer series and Pop-up series have black and silver color to select, the black version uses black silicon solar module to fit most people’s visual feelings. After multiple tests, ESK already achieves CE certifications.


Compared with Europe's high electricity price and demand for electricity, TSUN ESK system can help users to utilize photovoltaic resources in more scenarios, reduce dependence on traditional energy and reduce carbon emissions! At the same time, TSUN ESK system with its unique design has obtained the patent protection and has successfully entered the European well-known supermarkets! In the future, TSUN will continue to enrich ESK system products to meet the needs of more scenarios.