Press Releases

TSUN Provides Micro-inverters for "Balcony Power Plants for Panels" Commonweal Project of Germany


Recently, TSUN cooperated with Greenakku, a well-known German energy brand, to provide high-efficiency micro-inverters for Germany's "Balcony Power Plants for Panels" commonweal project, which has been successfully installed. TSUN has received positive feedback and recognition for its excellent product and high quality assurance to ensure the safe and efficient operation of photovoltaic systems.

The rising electricity prices are not just a problem for individuals or families, but also a problem for nonprofits. For example, Hannöversche Tafel in Germany, which aims to support poor people in cities who cannot get enough food on their own. However, their work becomes harder and harder for the high additional costs in electricity. Therefore, as part of the "Balcony Power Plants for Panels" project, launched in collaboration with, Greenakku outfitted Hannoversche Tafel with a solar system.


The “Balcony Power Plants” consists of a TSUN micro-inverter, two PV modules and a smart socket, etc. TSUN micro-inverters can track the MPPT or maximum power point of individual PV module to maximize energy generation. Because each PV module can be managed individually, issues such as shadows do not affect energy generation across the entire PV array. TSUN micro-inverters produce 30% more on average than conventional tandem inverters, which makes a significant contribution to lower electricity bills.


TSUN manufactures high quality micro-inverters for photovoltaic systems and offers a wide range of models to meet a variety of customers needs, supporting single module, two modules and even four modules solutions, collocating with plug and play to make system design more flexible. What’s more, TSUN micro-inverter monitoring system also provides excellent monitoring of each module and the entire array.

While maintaining steady business development and constantly exploring technological innovation, TSUN takes the initiative to shoulder social responsibilities, actively participates in public welfare activities and gives back to the society. With its high-quality photovoltaic products, TSUN is willing to build a bridge between abundance and demand, participate in more public welfare projects, so that more poor people in need of help can improve their quality of life through photovoltaic energy.