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TSUN Unveils DC Coupled Unit, Redefining the Energy Storage System

TSUN, an innovative leader in renewable energy solutions, introduces a revolutionary DC Coupled Unit (DCU). This cutting-edge system, coupled with innovative solutions, converts sunlight into stored electricity with remarkable efficiency. This not only liberates homes from traditional power grid dependencies but also enhances green energy utilization in households, signifying a pivotal shift towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious way of life.

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Empowering Homes, Indoors and Outdoors

Versatility is the mark of the DCU system. Whether harnessing abundant sunlight during the day, seamlessly transitioning to stored energy in the evenings, or serving as a reliable backup during emergencies, the DCU adapts to diverse scenarios, making it an indispensable energy solution for every home.

The DCU adopts a modular stacking design for flexible expansion, ensuring user convenience. With an individual capacity of 1024Wh, users can stack up to four TSOL-B1000 expansion modules, resulting in a total capacity of 4096Wh, sufficient to meet the power needs of a 3-5 person household. Boasting a maximum input power of 1200W and a maximum output power of 800W, it is an ideal solution for all balcony photovoltaic energy storage systems.


Furthermore, the split inverter TSOL-P1000, when combined with the TSOL-B1000 expansion module, creates a portable outdoor power source, catering to electricity requirements during outdoor activities or sudden emergencies.


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Tech-Infused Intelligence for Hassle-Free Monitoring

The DCU system is not just a power storage solution; it's a smart and connected energy hub. Through the integration of 2.4G WiFi wireless communication technology, users gain access to real-time monitoring and control capabilities. Users can track energy usage via the TSUN Smart App, facilitating prompt control and adjustments to maximize energy efficiency according to actual usage, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Reliability in Every Condition

Equipped with CATL safe power batteries, the DCU ensures a long cycle life and high safety performance. The built-in heating module guarantees stable operation in extreme temperatures ranging from freezing cold to scorching heat (-20°C to 60°C). This not only guarantees system stability but also underscores TSUN's commitment to prioritizing user safety.

In a world where embracing renewable energy, cutting electricity costs, and securing reliable power sources matter, TSUN's DCU emerges as the ideal choice. Stable, agile, and flexible, the DCU from TSUN stands as a testament to innovation and commitment to a sustainable future.