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TSUN Unveils Plug-In Solar Innovation: Easy Solar Kit Balcony Series

TSUN, a pioneer in photovoltaic household appliances, proudly announces the latest addition to its product lineup - the ESK Balcony series. Building upon the success of the Easy Solar Kit introduced in 2019, TSUN has refined the product range to cater to the specific needs of balcony spaces. The ESK Balcony series includes three models: ESK Balcony Angled, ESK Balcony Vertical, and ESK Balcony Air.

Each product in this series boasts an integrated design, including solar panels, microinverters, brackets, and cables. Users receive a comprehensive package that requires no additional accessories. By simply following the user-friendly instructions, users can readily undertake a DIY installation process, effortlessly plugging it into a power socket to generate energy for households.


The included components are of superior quality, such as the TSUN Gen3 microinverter and panels sourced from tier-one brands like Astronergy and LONGi, ensuring optimal energy conversion rates.

"We are excited to present the ESK Balcony series, showcasing TSUN's dedication to inventive and attainable solar solutions," states Ellen Xue, Sales VP at TSUN. "Our aim is to empower users with easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing solar options that seamlessly blend with their living spaces."

The newly unveiled ESK Balcony series marks a significant leap in both product aesthetics and user-friendliness. TSUN offers an all-black option across the entire lineup, from panels to brackets to screws. This innovative approach not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures a cohesive and sleek look for the entire solar system setup.

ESK Balcony Vertical can be vertically mounted on balcony railings, harmonizing with the architecture. ESK Balcony Angled features an adjustable angle, allowing users to optimize energy capture based on their geographical location. The aluminum alloy brackets not only withstand the elements but also resist rust, ensuring a prolonged product lifespan. ESK Balcony Air employs lightweight panels which makes the system weight as low as 10kg, facilitating effortless installation even for a single person. All ESK Balcony products come equipped with built-in WiFi, enabling remote monitoring of energy generation via a website or app.


Considering the existing regulation in Germany where solar systems under 600W are exempt from local energy department registration, and with a potential draft proposal to raise this limit to 600W or up to 800W, TSUN's ESK series supports "Power Upgrade". This enables users to combine two 400W ESK systems with extended cabling to achieve an 800W system. This advancement streamlines operations while significantly boosting energy generation capabilities.

The ESK Balcony series reflects TSUN's unwavering pursuit of innovation, aesthetics, and user convenience. As TSUN maintains its leading position in the field of PV household appliances, it always places user needs at the forefront, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation to offer accessible and sustainable solar solutions for a more environmentally friendly future.