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TSUN releases Micro inverter and Easy Solar Kit in EIF exhibition for Turkish market


The Turkey EIF Energy Congress and Expo 2021 was successfully held in Antalya from October 13 to 15. As the largest comprehensive energy event in Turkey, EIF focuses on energy development in Turkey. INCITAS, a well-known Turkish new energy company and exclusive distributor for TSUN micro product line, participated in this exhibition and received warm response from the market.

Turkey is a rising PV market, for its residential installations, TSUN micro inverter and Easy Solar Kit fits perfectly. Micro inverters are TSUN top product, in the past years TSUN has delivered more than 100,000pcs to Europe. To be further compatible with fast growing panel technology, TSUN is about to launch a new series which would be compatible with 182mm/210mm panels, single unit power range would up to 3.6kW.

As an innovative solution of TSUN, Easy Solar Kit has attracted high attention from the visitors. Easy Solar Kit is a portable micro power generation system that combines micro inverter, panel, an angle-adjustable bracket and end cable with plug which can simply plugged into the home socket. No need to hire installers for your home solar systems, just like IKEA furniture, do it by yourself, safe and cost effective. Our new design ESK Universal is a game changer, compatible with most of the panels under 450W, and can be applied all installation scenarios such as gardens, flat roofs, balconies, railings, walls, etc.


In recent years, a number of policies have jointly driven the Turkish PV market onto the fast track. As one of its core markets in Europe, TSUN has established a solid cooperative relationship with local energy giants represented by INCITAS and together provide the Turkish market with good quality and cost effective products and solutions.