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TSUNESS Renews Collaboration with VERTYS, Strengthens Presence in the Booming Brazilian PV Market

TSUNESS CO LTD., a key player in the renewable energy sector, specialized on the development and production of micro inverters, is excited to announce the renewal of its collaboration with VERTYS SOLAR GROUP, marking a significant milestone in solidifying its influence in the Brazilian photovoltaic (PV) market.

With Brazil's unique natural advantages and new PV regulations, the country's PV market continues an unprecedented line of frowing in maturity and performance, making it a key country in TSUNESS's global expansion strategy. In addition to the renewed partnership with VERTYS, TSUNESS has established strategic collaborations with leading companies in the LATAM. These collaborations reflect TSUNESS's commitment to establishing a network of trusted relationships within Brazil, further enhancing its market presence, and contributing to the country's transition to sustainable energy.

Victor Curi Segato, Head LATAM at TSUNESS, highlighted the popularity of TSUNESS' main products in the Brazilian market. “In Brazil, the TSOL-MP3000 and TSOL-MS2000 series from TITAN and GEN3 respectively are highly preferred by local customers, as they solve the challenges of multidirectional roof-tops, high performance and output power 3kW and 2KW, bringing the best in safety for DG installations, maximum voltage of 60Vdc eliminating the need of String Box and Rapid Shutdown Device (RSD), stable operation, easy installation and monitoring,” said Victor.

Launched in 2022, the TSOL-MP3000 is a standout product in the TITAN microinverter series, featuring a maximum output power of 3000W and a maximum current of 18.5A. Tailored for compatibility with mainstream 480W to 700W high-power modules in the Brazilian PV market, the product boasts 6 independent Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs). This innovative design allows simultaneous connection of 6 PV modules, even on rooftops with different orientations, ensuring optimal system efficiency and lowest LCOE for solar plants with microinverter.

In both solutions, TSOL-MP3000 and TSOL-MS2000, TSUNESS employs Wi-Fi for seamless data transmission, eliminating the necessity for additional DTU and other data equipment, thereby significantly lowering the overall cost of the solar system. Furthermore, TSUNESS prioritizes the meticulous selection of Wi-Fi chips, ensuring stable operation even in in the harsh environment of 105°C.


With cutting-edge technology, outstanding products, and local responsive service, TSUNESS has rapidly built a strong brand reputation in the Brazilian and Latin American markets.

This renewed collaboration with VERTYS not only solidifies TSUNESS's foothold in the dynamic Brazilian PV market but also aligns with the company's commitment to sustainable energy. By leveraging strategic partnerships and innovative products like the TSOL-MP3000 and TSOL-MS2000, TSUNESS aims to play a pivotal role in advancing Brazil's transition towards greener and more efficient solar energy solutions.

Victor expressed enthusiasm for the renewed collaboration with VERTYS, stating, “we are excited about 2024, especially with this long-term partnership with VERTYS that grows stronger every day. Strategic partnerships greatly empower all players, factory, distributor, installers, end users, contributing to the best in terms of process, service level, cooperation, competitiveness, and customer experience. ”