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TSUN Easy Solar Kit Participate in Public Welfare Projects in Italy, Technology Lights up Hope


TSUN Easy Solar Kit is mini plug-and-play on-grid solar system with solar panel, microinverter, bracket and AC cables for residential users. Since it launched, it has been greatly praised by the European market for its multi-scene installation and easy use. It can convert direct DC generated by direct sunlight into household AC, plug and play, support home load use.

Recently, in a public welfare project in Italy, TSUN Easy Solar Kit also utilized its advantages of plug-and-play and easy installation, which was praised by the recipient family and reported by Italian television.

According to know, the recipient family is a poor family with a sick child. The sick boy needs to rely on medical equipment to keep him alive every day. At the same time, because of the rising electricity price, the poor family has to pay higher costs for that to treat the sick boy.

The choice of Easy Solar Kit donating to the family, which considered that its plug-and-play, and no need extra installer. Moreover, the specific design supports to install at flat ground, roof, gardens and balcony. And the angle of installation can be adjustable to maximize the use of solar resource. So the users can get more energy to save the electricity payment on medical equipment.

This welfare project was donated by our clients, after hearing the news, TSUN team also declared that it will put parts of the products on more welfare projects. And at the same time, TSUN will insist on studying deeply, strictly controlling the quality, reducing the cost through technological innovation, enhance the overall brand competitiveness, and create greater value for public welfare projects!