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TSUN Showcases Groundbreaking 3000W Single-Phase Microinverters at Open Energies Exhibition in France

TSUN, the pioneer of the world’s high-power microinverters, showcased its revolutionary 3000W single-phase microinverters, the TITAN series at the Open Energies exhibition in France on January 23-24, 2024. This marked the company's debut at the first PV exhibition of the year, leaving a lasting impression with an exciting performance and a strong response from attendees.

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A standout product in the French market, the TSOL-MS3000 from the TITAN series, stands as a testament to TSUN's commitment to innovation. The TSOL-MS3000 demonstrated its ability to manage a continuous DC current of 15A, supporting higher-powered solar modules and increasing energy harvesting. The microinverter boasts full compatibility with solar modules ranging from 380W to 600W, With independent MPPTs, it ensures panels operate at their best efficiency, guaranteeing a stable system efficiency of up to 97.2%.

In response to the prevalent use of 300-400W modules in rooftop PV systems in France, the TSOL-MS3000's 4-channel MPPT allows the connection of two low-power modules in series, resolving the installation challenges for 3KW residential projects.


Also, all microinverters from TSUN come with integrated WiFi, eliminating the need for additional DTU and other collectors. Monitoring is convenient and simple through the terminal-oriented monitoring APP.


Ellen Xue, Sales VP at TSUN, emphasized the growing demand in France for reliable clean energy technology to meet home electrification needs. Ellen stated, "The TSOL-MS3000 will allow us to design and install higher-power systems with the industry’s most powerful solar microinverter technology, providing customers with a scalable solar solution that delivers superior reliability, safety, and energy generation."

TSUN's participation in the exhibition was met with enthusiasm as attendees were captivated by the innovative TITAN microinverters. The event served as a fantastic start to 2024 for TSUN, setting the stage for continued success in the dynamic and evolving PV industry.

In the next stop, TSUN's PV footprint will move towards Poland and Spain, so stay tuned for more excitement.

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