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TSUN Titan Microinverter Debuts at INTERSOLAR

From May 11 to 13, Intersolar Europe, the largest energy fair in Europe, exhibited with a grand opening in Munich, marking a magnificent return after the covid-19. At Intersolar, TSUN launched Titan series microinverter which the power is up to 3000W, caused a huge response. At the same time, the Generation2 microinverter, Easy solar kit series and Energy storage series caught clients’ eyes as well.


TSUN latest Titan Microinverter is so far the highest power micro inverter in the world. With its maximum 20A DC input capability, Titan is compatible with most of the big power 182/210mm solar panels such as Longi, JA, Canadian Solar, Trina, etc.  For European markets there is also MS3000 with maximum 8 panel connection which bring the micro inverter into the next level of cost effectiveness. In terms of smart home, Titan micro inverter offers free WIFI monitoring integrated for all users without any extra cost or external datalogger. Meanwhile, its mobile APP supports one-button configuration for the installation and setup of monitoring, just click one bottom, the app will do all the work for you, provides the best user-friendly environment.


Meanwhile, TSUN Generation2 Microinverter, as our main advantage product, was also the most inquired series by many visitors in this exhibition. The characteristics of Plug and play, easy installation, high efficiency and stable power generation, has always been given positive evaluations by our clients.


As TSUN innovative design product, TSUN Easy Solar Kit (ESK) caught many visitors’ attention and caused a hot topic. The generation2 Easy Solar Kit is a mini portable power generation system, which consists of microinverter and high-quality solar module and possesses angle-adjustable bracket. On the basis of the original generation2 ESK, the new design of ESK Universal contains no solar modules to greatly reduce the transportation costs. Moreover, the bracket design is much flexible, which support to multiple scenes to install, such as garden, flat floor, balcony, railings, walls and etc.


This year, TSUN exhibits its new energy storage solution as well - AC Coupled Unit and Hybrid Storage Unit, which also catches visitors’ attention. It is also affected by the increasingly European electricity price and the coming end of the local household system subsidy. As the European Union imposing energy sanctions on Russia, the electricity prices in Europe have soared as gas and coal prices have risen. In Germany, the benchmark for electricity prices in Europe, its 2023 power futures will rise as much as 6.2% to 228.75 euros ($242.28) per megawatt-hour, which is the highest price level for the future one-year contract since Dec. 27th 2021, and the high price for the 2023 futures contract. Meanwhile, the electricity price in France, British and North Europe is also rising. And the PV subsidies of many local users will be removed after this year, so their demand for energy storage will also increase greatly due to the influence of electricity and PV subsidies.

This year, the demand of European PV market is explosive growth. TSUN will always keep its heart to provide users with safer and more efficient household on-grid and energy storage solutions. TSUN always insist to make solar simple and energy smart, bring values to users.