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TSUN participating in KEY ENERGY in Italy, continuing exploring Europe market

Solar Exhibition & Conference by KEY ENERGY started on 08 November at the Rimini Expo Centre. As one of the most important solar markets in Europe, there always has been a stable demand for solar and energy storage in Italy. According to Italy national energy department announce, the country plans to reach 50 GW for Solar PV cumulative capacity by the end of 2030. However, there are only 937MW new installations in 2021, which means there are still 27.44GW that need to be added in 9 years, an average of 3.05GW per year, to reach the plan. Therefore, as the most significant renewable energy event in Italy, even in the Mediterranean area, KEY ENERGY is getting attention from the solar industry and is expected to achieve over 100,000 attendees this year.


TSUN, focus on both PV system and energy storage system, was founded in 2019 with a very experienced technical and marketing team which has been working in the industry more than 10 years, are seeking more opportunities and a deeper occupation of global market and will bring our latest products microinverters, ESK, AC coupled Unit to this great event, KEY ENERGY.

Titan microinverter--- highest power output single phase microinverter

Europe has been facing an energy crisis; gas prices increased by over 41.8%. In the first quarter of 2022, the electricity price goes up 55%, and new installations of PV system comes to 433MW, adding 53% more over the same period of last year in Italy. With its high feature of being compatible with significant panels made of 166mm, 182mm, 210mm cells, ranging from 370W to 800W, TSUN Titan series microinverters get a lot of attention in the exhibition.


The most commonly used panels in Italy range from 400W to 450W, with 50V open circuit voltage and output current lower than 14A. TSUN Titan series model TSOL-MS3000, with 3000W output power, 4 inputs, and individual MPPT for each input, is allowed to be connected with 2 panels with each input in total 8 panels with 450W*8=3600W power on the PV side. The oversizing comes to be 20% which satisfies local regulations.


ESK ----- plug&play Easy Solar Kit

Starting this year, TSUN ESK products also get more popular and help homeowners solve their energy problems in the Europe market. The plug&play design helps the homeowners install the solar kit by themselves, saving installation costs.

For different installation and delivery scenarios, we developed ESK products: 'Transformer and 'Pop-up' so that the kit can be installed or mounted in the garden, platform, railings, balcony, and walls.


AC coupled system (ACU) and Hybrid energy storage system(HSU)

ACU, integrated with an AC-coupled inverter, is used to retrofit the system, which is already installed with PV and requires energy storage afterward. In contrast, HSU is integrated with Hybrid inverter, which is suitable for new PV installation and, in the meantime, seeking a solution for energy storage.


The event is moving on, TSUN is moving on!