Balcony Microinverter

TSUN Balcony Microinverter MS2000 can be installed on the balcony, and it is a high-efficiency microinverter that can be connected to FOUR solar panels. According to the local regulations, output power 400W/800W can be adjusted.

With the output power up to 2000 VA, TSUN balcony microinverter MS2000 rank among the highest for 4-in-1 microinverters. Each microinverter can connect up to 4 panels, with independent MPPT and monitoring maximizing the power production of your installation.


  • DC input 16A, Max. output 2000W (Output power 400W/800W can be adjusted according to local regulations)
  • Built-in WiFi, APP remote monitoring, operating temperature 105℃
  • Individual optimization, separate dedicated MPPT for each panel
  • New topology design with peak efficiency up to 96.7%
  • Plug and Play installation, Easy to install
  • Max. DC voltage 60V. No threat for high DC voltage
  • Integrated LoM protection function. Ensure the safety of power grid
  • Die casting design and glue filling technology. Better thermal dissipation
  • Guaranteed quality with standard 12 years warranty.

Balcony Microinverter TSOL-MS2000 System


  • Model Balcony Microinverter MS2000
    Recommended Module Power [W] 400 ~ 700+
    Start up Voltage per Input [V] 22
    Mppt Voltage Range per Input [V] 16~60
    Max. Input Voltage per Input [V] 60
    Max. Input Current per Input [A] 16
    Max. Input Short-circuit Current per Input[A] 20
    Quantity of MPPT 4
  • Model Balcony Microinverter MS2000
    Max. Continous Output Power [VA] 2000
    Nominal Continous Output Power [W] 2000
    Nominal Output Current [A] 8.7
    Max. Output Current [A] 10
    Nominal Output Voltage [V] 220/230/240, L/N/PE
    Nominal Frequency [Hz] 50/60
    Power Factor >0.99 default, 0.8 leading … 0.8 lagging
    Output Current Harmonic Distortion <3%
    Max. Units Per Branch 2
  • Model Balcony Microinverter MS2000
    Peak Inverter Efficiency 96.7%
    CEC Weighted Efficiency 96.5%
    EU Efficiency 96.3%
    Nominal Mppt Efficiency 99.9%
    Night Time Power Consumption [mW] <50
  • Model Balcony Microinverter MS2000
    Dimensions (W×H×D mm) 331 * 261 * 44
    Weight [kg] 5

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