For more demanding environments, TSUN TSOL-MS3000 support up to eight high power panels at once, maximizing the power your installation can generate. The inverter is mounted directly near the solar module in the shade and is only responsible for the connected modules. This microinverter is therefore perfect for small systems and module areas with partial shading.


  • Compatible with 182 solar module
  • Individual optimization.
  • Max efficiency up to 97.6%.
  • Multi-channel MPPT for complex installation environments.
  • Max DC voltage 120V.
  • Integrated LoM protection function.
  • Die casting design and glue filling technology.
  • Plug and play installation and easy monitoring setting.

Microinverter TSOL-MS3000 System


  • Model TSOL-MS3000
    Quantity of Input 4 Inputs 8 Panels
    Recommended Module Power 380 ~ 600
    Mppt Voltage Range at Norminal Output (V) 71 ~ 96
    Operating Voltage Range (V) 32~120
    Max. Input Voltage (V) 120
    Max. Input Current (A) 14
    Quantity of MPPT 4
  • Model TSOL-MS3000
    Max. Output Power (VA) 3300
    Nominal Continous Output Power (W) 3000
    Nominal Output Current (A) 13
    Nominal Output Voltage (V)* 220/230/240, L/N/PE
    Nominal Frequency (Hz)* 50/60
    Power Factor >0.99 default, 0.8 leading … 0.8 lagging
    Output Current Harmonic Distortion <3%
  • Model TSOL-MS3000
    Peak Inverter Efficiency 97.6%
    CEC Weighted Efficiency 97.0%
    Nominal Mppt Efficiency 99.9%
    Night Time Power Consumption <1W
  • Model TSOL-MS3000
    Dimensions (W×H×D mm) 354 * 294 * 60
    Weight [kg] 5.6
    Type of Enclosure IP67
    Cooling Natural convection
  • Model TSOL-MS3000
    Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40 ~ +65
    Relative Humidity 100%
    Max. Operating Altitude Without Derating [m] 2000

* The AC voltage and frequency range may vary depending on specific country grid.

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