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TSUNESS TITAN Series of Microinverters Listed in the UK G98, Empowered to Enter the UK Market

TITAN series high-powered microinverter from TSUNESS (TSUN) has recently been certified as compliant with the standard Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G98 and fulfills the requirements of connecting in parallel with distribution networks in the UK.


Over the last decade, the UK has seen significant solar PV installations, supported by government incentives, which can be attributed to the growing demand for clean electricity. Furthermore, with technological advancements and the increasing adoption of smart home technologies, demand for solar PV in the residential sector is expected to rise during the forecast period. Being listed in the UK G98 means that the TITAN microinverter can be approved by power departments in that country, which is essential for TSUN to enter the UK market and deepen its global strategic positioning.

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As TSUN's featured product, the TITAN microinverter has a maximum output power of 3000W, which is the highest among the single-phase microinverters on market. With an input DC current up to 18.5 A, TITAN is perfectly compatible with 182/210mm solar modules and can thus increase users’ return on investment with peak efficiency of up to 97.1%. Because of its plug-and-play design, TITAN is also a cost-effective option for faster installation. Meanwhile, the product is designed in IP67 with a high level of dust-proofing and waterproofing, making it suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions. In terms of usability, the TITAN microinverter is equipped with a WiFi communication module, allowing users to easily monitor the product via the APP without the use of additional devices.


TSUN has been exploring the European market for a long time. This certification will help TSUN to strengthen its position as the world's pioneer of high-power microinverters for the residential market. In the future, TSUN will continue to enhance its brand presence in the European and global market through technological innovation as well as the manufacturing of high-quality products. With the mission of "MORE SAFETY, MORE POWER", TSUN is always a dependable partner of smart energy solution providers.