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The Guardian of Solar Power: TSUN Microinverters Tackle Autumn Maintenance Challenges

When solar panels are operating under normal conditions, the standard working temperature for the solar cells is 25°C. However, as the temperature rises above 25°C, the output power of the panels decreases proportionally. This is why maintaining suitable temperatures during autumn is crucial for the efficient operation of solar power systems.

However, there are natural factors that make autumn maintenance of solar power systems more challenging.

  • Decreased Efficiency

During autumn, leaves fall and accumulate on the surface of solar panels, partially blocking sunlight and reducing the efficiency of solar power generation. Dry and dusty weather conditions can also affect the output of solar power stations.

  • Safety Hazards

Tiny leaves may enter the junction boxes and connectors of solar panels, leading to poor connections, short circuits, and other faults that can disrupt the normal operation of the system. In some cases, this can even reduce the lifespan and performance of the panels. Additionally, leaves can lead to a decrease in the insulation performance of the panels, increasing the risk of electric shock and making maintenance work potentially dangerous. Autumn brings frequent strong winds, which can challenge the stability of the solar panel support structures.

Solar System Autumn Maintenance Tips

  • Regular clean

Regularly clean the surface of solar panels to remove leaves and dust, which can help maintain their efficiency. You can use a soft brush and a mild soapy water solution to clean the panels, remove stubborn dirt, and rinse them thoroughly to ensure no residue is left. Timely adjustment and maintenance of support structures and real-time monitoring help detect and address anomalies, maximizing the performance of the solar power system.

  • Support Structure Adjustment

Adjust the support structures to optimize sunlight exposure based on the latitude and longitude of your location. Pay attention to inspecting if the bolts connecting the structure are loose and whether the anti-corrosion coating on the support structure's surface has cracks or is peeling.

  •  Monitoring Solar System

Use a monitoring system to keep track of the energy output and efficiency of your solar panels in real time, enabling you to promptly address any issues and take the necessary cleaning measures. Maintaining detailed maintenance records, including cleaning times, methods, and cleaning agent usage, helps track and evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning efforts, allowing for adjustments in your maintenance strategy.

How microinverters from TSUN tackle Autumn maintenance challenges

  • Independent MPPT

Microinverters from TSUN feature a fully parallel structure, with each panel equipped with an independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function. This optimizes the output of each panel near its maximum power point, and any issues affecting one panel, such as shading, dust, or fallen leaves, do not impact the output of the others. This eliminates the "barrel effect" that affects traditional solar systems, ensuring uninterrupted power generation even when some panels are compromised.

MPPT 0809(1).jpg

  • IP67 Protection Level

TSUN microinverters are designed to meet the industry-leading IP67 protection level, offering exceptional water and dust resistance. This effectively prevents leaves, dust, and other contaminants from entering the internal components and causing malfunctions. Moreover, the microinverter's body is fully sealed using potting technology, ensuring long-term sealing and enhancing component reliability.

  • Talent Monitoring Platform

TSUN microinverters come with built-in Wi-Fi communication, equipped with a module-level intelligent monitoring system. Installers and end-users can access the Talent monitoring platform to view information such as the location and energy output of each panel. In case of system issues, it enables quick identification of problematic panels for remote diagnosis, software upgrades, power enhancements, and more. This significantly reduces the overall maintenance costs throughout the lifespan of the solar power system.


  • Balcony Solar System

Easy Solar Kit from TSUN is a balcony solar system that includes panels, microinverters, support structures, and cables. It caters to various installation scenarios such as flat rounds, walls, and balcony railings, allowing users to choose the installation location, orientation, and support structure angle based on their specific geographical conditions. The sturdy aluminum support structure enhances system stability and safety.

Autumn maintenance for residential solar power systems is a critical aspect that should not be overlooked. TSUN microinverters, with their independent MPPT technology, IP67 protection, and module-level monitoring system, contribute to stable, safe, and efficient solar system operation, increasing energy production and extending system lifespan.