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TSUN Unveils Cutting-Edge DC Coupled Energy Storage Unit at KEY Energy 2024, Redefining Home Power Solutions

The curtains fell on KEY Energy 2024 on March 1st in Rimini, Italy, marking the end of a significant renewable energy exhibition in Europe. Over the past few years, KEY ENERGY has attracted global exhibitors, gradually becoming a beacon for industry trends.


At this year's exhibition, alongside the regular showcase of microinverters and the Easy Solar Kit, the balcony solar systems, TSUN introduced the groundbreaking DC Coupled Unit for balcony energy storage, drawing keen interest from numerous attendees.


Italy, at the heart of Southern Europe, emerged as a European photovoltaic star with 5.25 GW added in 2023, a 110% YoY growth. Residential installations contributed 2.26 GW, an 83% annual increase, making Italy the second-largest in European residential photovoltaic installations in 2023.

Aligning with Italy's growing energy storage market, TSUN unveiled the DC Coupled Balcony Storage Unit, TSOL-DCU1000. It is a versatile solution for diverse power needs due to its adaptability to various scenarios, such as homes, outdoor spaces, and emergencies. With a modular stacking design, the DCU allows flexible expansion to ensure user convenience.

Furthermore, the system integrates 2.4G WiFi communication technology for intelligent control through a mobile app, enabling remote monitoring and operation. Mr. Andy, CEO at TSUN, described the DCU as "a system that provides an enhanced energy storage solution for European residential users." The system employs CATL secure power batteries, praised by Mr. Andy for their "long cycle life and high safety performance." With a built-in heating module ensuring operational stability in extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C, Mr. Andy emphasized that the system guarantees "stable operation and user safety in all conditions."

TSUN is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of energy storage technology, and the latest unveiling at KEY Energy 2024 reflects its commitment to providing versatile and high-quality solutions. The innovative DC coupled energy storage unit effortlessly achieves energy supply and rapid emergency power switching. It not only enhances the self-sufficiency of home electricity but also meets daily power consumption needs, leading to substantial savings on electricity costs. This makes the system an ideal solution for all balcony photovoltaic setups.

As energy drives the world economy and energy transition becomes a global consensus, TSUN as a practitioner of future energy, will continue to explore energy storage technology and product innovation, providing high-quality energy storage solutions for a variety of scenarios.