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TSUN Ensures Safety and Reliability with Microinverters Featuring Essential Relays for Grid Protection

A recent report has raised concerns among solar power generation systems regarding the safety and reliability of certain microinverters in the market. These microinverters are said to lack an essential relay for grid and system protection (NA protection), despite being certified by the relevant authorities. This news has cast a negative light on the photovoltaic industry, prompting TSUN to address the issue and reassure its customers.

Relays are critical components in solar inverters, acting as electrically operated switches. Unlike manual switches, a relay utilizes an electrical signal to control an electromagnet, which connects or disconnects another circuit. Utilizing microinverters with relays significantly enhances the safety of a solar system. If solar inverters experience a malfunction, relays automatically cut them off from the main grid, ensuring user and equipment safety. Similarly, if relays encounter issues or lose performance, inverters disconnect from the grid or reduce power output. This helps reduce the risk of hazards within an inverter, prompting many countries to mandate relays for inverters in their PV standards and regulations.

To clarify the situation, TSUN emphasizes that all of its Gen2 and Gen3 Microinverters are designed with necessary safety features, including a galvanically isolated high-frequency transformer between DC inputs and AC output, as well as a power relay on the AC side. These components ensure TSUN's microinverters meet the requirements of the VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-11 standard.

TSUN microinverter with relay.jpg

TSUN remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of product quality and customer satisfaction. The company hopes that the current uncertainty and negative reporting surrounding incorrect certificates for inverters will not result in a setback for the plug-in solar system industry. TSUN aims to contribute positively to the industry by providing customers with reliable and safe products that they can trust.