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TSUNESS Opens a New Branch in Germany, Deepens the Layout of Micro Inverters Market in Europe

Recently, the world’s pioneer of high-power Micro Inverters TSUNESS announced the opening of a new branch. The company will be based in Frankfurt Germany, fully deepen the European PV market layout, and accelerate the company's global development process.

Since its founding in 2016, TSUNESS has been committed to offering the best solar solutions for both residential and commercial solar installations with its strong independent R&D capability and inherited German production quality management system. So far, TSUNESS released several series of products, including Micro Inverters, Energy Storage, Easy Solar Kits and Rapid Shutdown. It is worth mentioning that TSUNESS has the world’s most complete range of Micro Inverters for the residential market, which is 300-3000W peak output. And the TITAN series Micro Inverters, developed in-house by TSUNESS, are the biggest single-phase Micro Inverters in the world.

TUNESS began building its global strategic presence in 2022 with the opening of its Brazil office. The establishment of the German office this year is another milestone attempt by TUNESS to expand its European business footprint. 

Germany experienced a fast and massive PV development in the last few years. Solar PV expansion in Germany jumped 28 percent in 2022. “For many years, we have been exploring the German market. We are excited to see the huge demand in the German PV market, which is a good opportunity and challenge for us. We are confident to pursue a larger portion of the market.” says Tomasz Grnyo, EU Branch GM at TSUNESS.

The new branch has an on-site team, allowing TSUNESS to be closer to local users and to provide after-sales service more specifically and efficiently. In addition, by maintaining a local stock, TSUNESS can guarantee a high level of product availability, which allows consumers to benefit from faster deliveries.

In the future, TSUNESS will stick to its mission of “More Safety, More Power”. “The German branch marks a new beginning. We will continue our commitment to product development and innovation to provide trusted and efficient products and solutions and bring cleaner, low-carbon green energy to our customers.” Tomasz Grnyo brought up.

In 2023, TSUNESS is going to present at major international PV exhibitions, including GENERA in Spain, ENEX IN Poland, BEPOSITIVE in France, KEY ENERGY in Italy, INTERSOLAR in Germany, SOLAR&STORAGE in the UK, etc.